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Bunny Bleu Biography Photo Bunny Bleu Biography
Born: 6/1/1964
Aliases: Bunni Bleu, Bunnie Bleu, Bunnie Blue, Bunny Blue, Kim Morgan, Kim Warner, Kimberly Warner, Kirsti Warrner, Kristy Bryant, Ruby Smart

Height: 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Red
Skin color: White
Ethnicity: Jewish

Porn Star Bunny Bleu is a vivacious blonde nymphet, who, even well into her twenties was cast as a teenager due to her virginal good looks and clean-cut wholesome qualities. Also using the names Kimberly Warner, Kim Warner and Jerrii Sinclaire, Bunny Bleu performed in over 150 videos between 1983 and 1989. Although Bunny Bleu never was a great thespian and perhaps a bit on the ditzy-side, her Horny-style performances are still treasured by fans today. Some of Bunny Bleu's best early works can be found in films such as Beverly Hills Exposed and Aerobisex Girls.

After a several year hiatus from show business, Bunny Bleu came back in 1992, complete with a surgically altered body and her natural auburn hair color. With a renewed approach to her career and a newly found love for anal sex, Bunny Bleu did some her best work ever. You can catch some of Bunny Bleu's best rear-entry work in Anal Rescue 811 and Backdoor to Brooklyn.

Dear Bunny.

The first time, and last, I ever saw one of your movies was in the late 80's early 90's, and, WOW, the scene I saw is still a memorable performance to this day. I was introduced to Bunny Blue!

You are a young girl swinging on a swing set, alone, until Jamie Gillis comes walking up to you. He begins to seduce you, and at first you resist but soon give in ;-), asking you if your parents know your here alone. He then leads you away from the swing set where he begins to fuck you until he blows his load on your tongue. I am not sure how specific it was but it was such a hot scene and I am desperately trying to find it! Would you remember which it is? If you can let me know that would be great!


Hey Bunny, I just wanted to let you know how big of a fan I am of you. I hate to tell you this but you were the first person I ever saw in a "porn" movie, and yes you were also the first person for other things that day. I stole it from my dad's room when I was 10. And a fan ever since.

I have even made girlfriends watch your videos for pointers on fellatio. Every time I watch you do it I am... speechless to tell you the truth, so now you can see why I get them to watch you do it.

Anyway, my name is Eddie. I am 26 and live in uptown New Orleans. I know besides me, my current girlfriend Allison has been a fan of yours since she watched your first video. She said, "She make

Form Luke is Back:
Bunny Bleu played teenagers for almost a decade.

"People want a face on screen that looks like it never even said "damn" sucking cock," says Nina Hartley about the Bunny of the 1980s. "Bunny Bleu plays this part perfectly. She's only 90 pounds dripping wet and she gets the cheerleader, coed, high school girl, Daddy's little girl, roles. When she goes "Oh, I've never done this before," or "Oh, that feels so good," you believe her."

Bunny epitomized cute. "There is little about her that is smutty or slutty," writes AFW. "Even in her mid-20s she'd get cast as a teenager. She looks as wholesome and clean-cut as a Young Republican. Her youthful looks and sweet personality have kept her much in demand."

AVN: "One of the most erotic features of the mid-1980s, Unthinkable takes what was then a prevailing theme in porn - incest - and turns it on its head. A young Bunny Bleu plays the sister to naughty brother Scott Irish."

In the mid '80s, Bunny bought a new car which she lent to her drug-dealing boyfriend. She learned on the set of a video when told that her boyfriend had been killed and car set on fire. According to the rumor, Bunny began to cry, "It was a new car... I can always get a new boyfriend, but not a new car."

Bill Margold: "Bunny Bleu has a learning disability...or is the product of a lousy high school education. She's scared of dialogue. During Little Girls Talking Dirty, directed by my ex-wife Drea, she has a block paragraph to say and was terrified by the dialogue. So I began to hack out the lines. You can see the relaxation settle into her after she knew she didn't have to learn as much. And finally, when had about four words to say, she was delighted."

"Bunny Bleu will never be confused for an actress," reads the first sentence of Adam Film World's entry on Bunny in each of its last 12 annual porn directories.

"f---ing Bunny Bleu is like f---ing Bobo the Clown," says ex-porn stud Jerry Butler. "She stares at you in a dizzy way and makes the silliest faces when you're humping her. But a sex scene with her is the softest, creamiest feeling, like f---ing butter. She's got a little pussy. Her tiny body can't take much so she screams her heart out."

A veteran of over 300 sexvids, Bunny retired in 1989 but came back three years later with bigger breasts, her natural Auburn hair and a newly acquired penchant for anal sex. Now a regular on Ten Ugliest Faces lists, Bunny's best recent work includes Hot Tight Asses 9, Anal Maniacs 2, Coming Attractions, and Attic Toys. (AFW)

Bleu's anus developed more flexibility than her vagina, tolerating huge cocks and dildos. "I guess I'm lucky," Bunny tells HEVG's Michael Albo after taking an enormous dildo up her butt in Pussyman 13. Mike feared asking her why anal flexibility makes her "lucky."

"It's great to know that people are renting my movies and jacking off to them," says Bunny. "It's great taking care of people's fantasies or giving couples ideas for new positions."

Her favorite sexual position is doggy and Peter North does it to her best.

Bleu now looks like an anorexic Bette Midler who loves to take facial cumshots. "Especially when the guy straddles over you and jerks it off. That's what I think about when I masturbate - guys jacking off and coming all over me.

"Who wants to see acting? I want to f---!"

"The business has changed since my first time around. People don't seem as creative. People are more greedy. Everybody wants to have everything their way. It's not like, "Let's shoot a movie because we're all horny and we want to have a good time."

"That's why I only work with certain people in this business - those who enjoy what they're doing.

"I look different now because I'm a dyke - just kidding. I've been working out. I just had a birthday and I figured all my stuff is not going to stay where it is now for the rest of my life. I figured I better put some muscle on me.

"I was a real monster in high school, a geek. I'd do anything to get attention...put tacks on my teacher's chairs, shoot spitballs, make farting noises under my arm. The whole class clown bit." (HEVG)

Mr. Mxyzptlk writes on RAME:

In the early days of my porn watching career one of my favourite actresses was Bunny Blue. Nikki Charm, who will be the subject of a future post, was the undisputed champ. Bunny tied for second with Stacy Donovan, edging out Ginger Lynn and one or two European beauties whose names I still don’t know.

Bunny was blonde, petite and just a bit goofy. She did the Little Girl Thing almost as well as Nikki and always smiled as she got splattered.

I don’t know how old she was when she started, but in the earliest film that I am aware of, “Puss’n’Boobs” (aka “Hanky Panky” or “Hanky Panky Island”) she looks to be barely 18, and dresses and acts much younger. This film was shot in Hawaii in c.1983 and features BB as some sort of Girl Scout, in a particularly alluring little skirt.

She made a large number of films through the mid 80s, always cute, enthusiastic and boner-inducing. In "Goldiggers" she “posed” as a 16 year old girl, entrapping a neighbour into an illegal encounter. In “Experience of a Virgin”, a loop from the German “Sweet Little 16” series (was this released under this title in the US?) she did the only anal scene I saw her do in this phase of her career. Dressed in a tiny little nightdress she took it right up the ass and looked suitably awed by it all.

She even did at least one bondage film, getting suspended upside down from the ceiling and being whipped by Jamie Gillis. That must have been fun.

Then, she kind of disappeared, as porn stars so often do. And as, if the truth be known, they should.

Imagine my horror to see “The New Bunny Blue” pictured on a box cover in the mid 90s. The same face, unmistakably, but with red hair and a bigger pair of bolt-ons than Pamela Lee. I hate big tits and artificial ones are the worst of all, especially on someone who had great little ones to start with.

And what was she doing in these films? Well, I only saw one or two, but gangbangs and anal were the order of the day. The one where she gets done over by a pack of bikies who all end up coming in her face should have been good (I really do like that kind of thing), but it was just sad. It was clear that this pretty little girl had started to get old and was attempting to stretch (no pun intended) her career just a bit more through chemical enhancement and desperation sex.

(Spot the inconsistency: When tight young Stephanie Swift does this sort of scene, even getting slapped and spat on, I love it. When it’s old Bunny, I think it’s sad. Go figure.)

She popped up again recently, as a fluffer in the appalling World’s Biggest Anal Gang Bang. More sadness.

Girls! Don’t do it. Stay natural and get out when the writing is on the wall. Leave the old guy stuff to Ron Jeremy and Randy West. They don't do it any better, but at least they've got no pride.


Cheetah Bites writes on BigDoggie.net: i saw bunny again about 10 days ago. i have reviewed her in the past but thought it might be nice to do a more recent follow up review. bunny is pretty cool about everything. she will do whatever it takes to please. her rates are reasonable also. overall had a good time. the only down side is that she is not getting any younger. but i have to say that this is true for a lot of providers. it seems that the overall age or the porn star escorts are getting older. granted there are some young ones but they are harder to find and in many cases unreliable. most porn star escorts are in there 30s. so if you want to perty with a porn star who is willing to please and don't want to break the bank to do it then bunny is an option.

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